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Path Navigator

April 02, 2014 | 1 Minute Read

A couple of month ago I started a tiny program as a hobby that would let you to easily open new directories and navigate between them without moving your hand off your keyboard. It was an attempt to eliminate mouse in this process, yet making it real simple by giving auto-completion. Kind of like tab-completion in Bash, but now for Windows Explorer.

I’m using it every day, it works seamless and although it seems quite naive, but it has become a must-have in my toolbox ( I can’t stress enough how much I loathe mouse ! ). A few days ago I spend time to polish it a little and republish it.

A few bug are fixed and UI has changed dramatically ( although there’s barely such a thing as UI in this program ). Borders removed and you can choose to have Van goghs’ starry night as background of the windows :)

navigator As opposed to always, I decided not to upload it in and instead put it in my Dropbox and give links to the directory that contains the program. In this way I can easily update files without invalidating links. Source codes are available in same directory and you can download them. Maybe in future I’ll put it under version control on github of source-forge.

PS : There’s a golden tip for using this program, and that combining it with Clover. Clover is a program that makes default windows explorer like Chrome browser by giving you multiple tabs in same window. Whether you use Path navigator ( or as a like to call it, Panvig ) or not, I encourage you to download Clover.clover